In a world where mass production and consumerism are on rise, the age-old artisanal crafts which are practised by skilled artisans and passed down through generations risk being phased out. At Baseyra, we take deep pride in our commitment to revive Indian handicrafts. In line with this commitment, we present to you a collection very close to our hearts – Artisanal Pursuits. This endeavour allows our artisans to engage in different forms of art as a form of self-expression. The artisans are at liberty to choose the art form they want to indulge in, the colour combinations they would like to showcase, the medium they want to use to showcase their art – without worrying about the sustenance part of it. This allows our artisans to pursue their artistic interests and allows Baseyra to present these one-of-a-kind products to our global patrons. Since each product is handmade by our artisans, no two products are alike allowing you to own a unique piece of art for yourself.